CRM Software

CRM Software

Software in the cloud that belongs to you

Thanks to this CRM software, you will be able to follow all your relations with your customers. Centralize your customers' information and files in one place, easily view statistics, work efficiently as a team. Your prospecting efforts will be optimized thanks to the integrated workflow prospect → quote → customer → invoice. Ensure accurate management of the contracts and subscriptions you sell to your customers.


Features of the CRM software

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  • Follow-up of business and negotiations
  • Management of interventions
  • Multi-contact management by customer account
  • Management of outstanding amounts authorized by client
  • Analysis of prospecting sources
  • Customizable access rights
  • Billing according to the time spent in the interventions
  • Sending emails from the CRM software
  • Group emailing to multiple clients
  • Statistics and business intelligence
  • Customizable information fields
  • Discounting by customer group
  • Integrated VAT number verification
  • Logging of all actions in the CRM software

This CRM software belongs to you


Screenshots of the CRM software

Client card
Client card
File management
File management
Client contacts
Client contacts
Commercial follow up
Commercial follow up
Order sheet
Order sheet
Shipping sheet
Contract sheet
Contract sheet
Action logs
Action logs


The Dolisim interface is available in 83 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

Use cases of the CRM software

I produce wine which is sold by dozens of sales offices all over Europe. I have signed specific contracts with each agency, whether in terms of prices, delivery times, payment methods, possible outstandings and even the duration of the contract. It became impossible for us to follow all these relationships without using the Dolisim CRM software. We have noticed a considerable saving of time, and above all we are no longer afraid to deceive ourselves in the follow-up of commercial relations with our partners.

Henri Leroy


I am an insurance broker and I started my business 5 years ago. I began to manage my clients with paper files that I stored in folders. Being very organized and meticulous, this system worked well. But having more and more customers, we receive more and more calls, and it becomes much too long to get the customer card in the cabinets ... Although being refractory at the beginning, we resolved to adopt a "client management software". And I must admit that my fear was unfounded. The transition was smooth, and the support of Dolisim customer support was simply impeccable. Today when a customer calls us, we find his record in a few seconds and without moving our chairs ...

Jean Delatour

Courtier en assurance

We sell alarm systems with remote monitoring. I manage a commercial team of 5 people and before using Dolisim, all the follow-up was done by notebook and with Excel files. Obviously the commercial management was extremely laborious and I felt that our conversion rate was not optimized, in other words that we stupidly lost prospects by forgetting to follow. We decided to try the Dolisim CRM software, and everything was greatly simplified! We have tripled our conversion rate, and when a salesman leaves the company, it is very easy to take over the customers he managed.

Stéphane Magnant


We have a small customer base because of the nature of our market. Ensuring effective customer monitoring is therefore essential for us. Since the launch of our startup, we have chosen to work with Dolisim, especially because the software became our property and that is very reassuring for the future. Thanks to Dolisim we can consult many statistics about our customers and this allows us to refine and retain our customers. We even developed a tailor-made dashboard to display our KPIs in real time. A very great comfort.

Mélanie Bonnel


Frequently asked questions about the CRM software

Can I provide more than one contact per client company?

Yes, you can insert as many contacts per customer record, for example: general manager, administrative and financial director, sales representatives, etc. There is no limit on the number of contacts per customer record.

Can I assign clients to a sales representative on my team?

Yes, you can build client portfolios by salesperson. So your team knows who should follow which client.

Can I assign multiple salespeople for the same customer?

Yes, it is possible directly by editing the customer's card, you can add as many sales people as you want.

Can I attach files to my client's records?

Yes, our CRM software allows you to attach files to your clients' records, such as corporate document scans or contracts.

Is it possible to customize the states of the status of prospects to fit my own workflow?

Yes, you can do this in the configuration of your CRM software.

Can I quickly import prospect lists I've obtained by participating in trade shows for example?

Yes, our CRM software offers assisted import of prospect lists in CSV format. A model with the correct formatting is also provided during the import procedure. By doing so, you and your team will not forget any prospect.

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