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Technicians when you need them

Working with Simafri means having a flexible team of technicians, developers, security experts, trainers and IT assistants according to your needs.

You can focus on your job

Working with Simafri means being able to focus on your job, the one you love and the one you have customers for. Simafri takes care of your computer systems.

Reduce your IT costs

Work with Simafri is to optimize your IT spending thanks to our expertise, our pooling of resources, our flexibility and our employees in 3 countries.

Guaranteed freedom and independence

Working with Simafri means having the guarantee of your freedom and independence. We deliver all source codes and you are the actual owner of the software and your data.

Simafri is very committed to open source software

We perfectly master several dozens of open source software including:
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We are in the business since 2002
This is the number of employees we have, spread across 3 countries
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