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Web hosting

Web Hosting
Because a beautiful website must benefit from quality web hosting, Simafri has developed a very wide range of services covering all types of needs. From the showcase site to the online store containing thousands of references, including blogs, webzines, forums, social networks, portfolios, MOOCs, institutional sites, etc. We have the right web hosting for you. Our offers also allow you to host your corporate email so that you and your employees can benefit from professional email addresses.

Managed VPS

Because one day shared web hosting is no longer enough, and despite everything you do not want to burden yourself with managing a dedicated server, we have created a range of 100% managed VPS. These “virtual private servers” offer all the advantages of virtualization: you don’t have to worry about the hardware, your resources are dedicated to you, the backups are fast and complete, the security is maximum, the availability perfect. Plus, our IT engineers take care of everything for you, so you never have to type a Linux command line. These Simafri Managed VPSs are ideal for demanding websites, online stores, high traffic corporate email and web applications.

Management software

Management Software
Our history in open-source management software is long. It is again the founder of Simafri, who when he started selling his websites, had to equip himself with software to establish professional invoices. After years of use and customizations, we have gained valuable experience in the development, hosting and maintenance of this type of software. We have extended our expertise to all areas of management: invoicing, CRM, ERP, inventory management, project management, accounting, etc. And it is to benefit our customers that we have decided to open up our know-how with our packaged offers.

Tailor-made developments

IT outsourcing
Now you know, we started by building websites and doing custom software development for our clients. And although we have packaged many of our offers, this tailor-made outsourcing service remains at the heart of Simafri’s business. We have multidisciplinary teams made up of project managers, backend developers, frontend developers, mobile developers, designers, beta testers and server administrators who will take care of your IT projects.

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