Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Software in the cloud that belongs to you

This very versatile module will allow you to manage the most diverse projects, as well as commercial negotiations. You can link the projects to customers, and attach all related expenses and receipts, so you'll know exactly what your project brings you. In addition, you can easily work in a team, track consumed times and consult Gantt diagrams.


Project management software features

And more

  • You can give your clients access to projects that concern them
  • Tag and category management
  • Customizable fields for projects and tasks
  • Entering the times consumed by day or by week
  • Dashboards and statistics
  • Logging actions

This project management software belongs to you


Screenshots of the project management software

Project dashboard
Project dashboard
Project edition
Project edition
Task list
Task list
Gantt chart
Gantt chart
Profitability analysis
Profitability analysis
Projects linked to a client
Projects linked to a client
Time logging
Time logging
Fast time report
Fast time report


The Dolisim interface is available in 83 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

Use cases of project management software

We organize trekking holidays in South America. We have to plan everything so that our guests can enjoy a stay without a hitch, nothing should be left to chance. In addition, we must also work with remote teams. The use of Dolisim is simply essential. This project management software is sufficiently comprehensive and flexible to adapt to all our constraints.

Mélinda Tourneau

Meltrek Tour

The business of wedding planner leaves no room for error: we organize the best day of our customers' lives! In addition, many external service providers are involved, which further complicates the monitoring of projects. Before I was limited to 1 wedding per quarter because of the complexity of the organization, but thanks to Dolisim I can now easily manage 1 wedding per month.

Natacha Jeublin

Wedding planner indépendant

Real estate development is above all a business of management and planning. When opening credit lines to make a project a reality, the race against the clock starts. Any delay can have serious consequences on the budget. In addition, I manage several projects simultaneously, and it is important to know exactly what each project reports. Dolisim allows us to plan all the stages of a VEFA realization, it also allows us to check if we are on time or not. The ability to link all revenues and expenses with projects allows us to have an analytical vision of each project.

Marcelin Pougeot

Entrepreneur BTP

I make tailor-made models. Each order is unique. Thanks to Dolisim I can better organize my work and deliver punctually my customers.

Ridwan Seetoh


Frequently asked questions about project management software

Can I restrict access to a project to people I designate?

Yes this is possible thanks to the setting of access rights.

Can I give my client access to the project and am I charged extra for this?

Yes, you can give access to your clients so that they can see the progress of their project and you are not charged any more. Besides all Dolisim plans are unlimited users.

Does the system calculate my fees automatically if I charge my clients for time spent?

Yes, for that you just need to indicate your hourly rate in your profile. From now on, each time you complete the task, you can specify the time spent and the project management software will calculate what to bill your client.

Can I attach files to projects?

Yes you can attach as many files as you want to projects, Dolisim is also a EDM (Electronic Document Manager).

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