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The high end of web hosting

High end web hosting
Very low density of clients per server, more power per account, software optimizations every two weeks, increased monitoring of resources, latest generation Samsung NVMe drives, prioritization of maintenance operations, such as high-level athletes, Simafri servers from the ULTRA range are pampered by our IT engineers.
More SLA
Simafri servers in the ULTRA range offer a minimum availability guarantee (SLA) of 99.95%, one of the best rates in the industry web hosting. This is made possible because a ULTRA server is actually a set of machines working together (at least 5), this is more commonly called the Cloud. In addition, we use “rebootless” Linux kernels which allow us to apply major system updates without requiring a reboot. Finally, our engineers constantly monitor the condition of the machines and intervene in less than 30 minutes if necessary.
More backups
Simafri servers in the ULTRA range are fully backed up every 6 hours with a retention period of 14 days. We therefore constantly have 56 full backups of all your data, stored in a geographically distant site and completely inaccessible to the public, including by Internet, a perfect safe. You do not have to configure anything or monitor yourself. Thanks to our Cloud and the 24/7 availability of our IT engineers, it takes less than an hour to restore an account, and we do all the work for you. As an option, we can even offer longer retention periods.
More services
Simafri servers in the ULTRA range also offer more services, more features. Like for example the WordPress Toolkit which allows you to do many maintenance and development operations of your website: management of plugins and themes, site updates, Nginx cache, management of independent backups, management of restore points , cloning, site staging for your tests, etc. The ULTRA range also allows you to link your web hosting directly with your Git repository if you use one. And of course, SSH access is provided.
More support

Usually web hosts strictly limit their assistance to web hosting. But what if you also need help with your website or web application? All of our ULTRA customers benefit from priority ticket processing and advanced support, including for your site or application. Your site is no longer displayed? Don’t panic, we’re here to restore it. Need some optimization advice for your WordPress site? Once again count on us to help you. We do everything to ensure that your site and your email are always online and perfectly functional, even if our action must go beyond the framework of web hosting.

The ULTRA range is ideal for


Hébergement web pour e-commerce

Online stores require high availability and frequent backups

The ULTRA range is ideal for


Hébergement web pour les emails

For companies whose business messaging is critical to their business

The ULTRA range is ideal for

Pure players

Hébergement web pour les pure players

For predominantly internet-based activities such as online newspapers

Hébergement Web Haut De Gamme


ULTRA10 pack

10 GB of storage and 100 GB of monthly traffic

19,99 € / month

1 month free for annual payments

ULTRA20 pack

20 GB of storage and 200 GB of monthly traffic

39,99 € / month

1 month free for annual payments

ULTRA30 pack

30 GB of storage and 300 GB of monthly traffic

59,99 € / month

1 month free for annual payments

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