IT technicians for your business

Software customizations

Do you want to customize the interface of your software? Do you want to add or modify fields in a form? Want a personalized dashboard? Need help with advanced setup? Our teams can refine your software according to your requirements.

Tailor-made developments

Simafri developers can create features, modules, plugins or even complete software to meet the specific needs of your business. It is also possible to create gateways to make your different software communicate with each other.

Software maintenance

Just like a production machine, software must be maintained. You can entrust us with this task. We will then take care of keeping your system in perfect working order: updates, legislative compliance, functionality fixes, minor modifications, etc.

Cloud hosting

We can host your applications in our ISO 27001 certified cloud infrastructure. We guarantee SLAs ranging from 99.9 to 100%, and scale-ups occur without downtime. We can also administer your own cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.).

Installation on site

You prefer or have the obligation to host your data on site, our technicians can also take care of installing the software in your own datacenter and managing them remotely. We will scrupulously respect your security and confidentiality rules.

Security and Safeguards

Security is the number one priority for any information system. Our IT security specialists can set up monitoring tools, automatic backups and security policies for your software. Available 24 hours a day, they can intervene at any time.


Simafri has a large customer support team ready to support you in your digital transformation, to help you manage change, to assist you with the migration of your data and to train your employees in the use of your IT tools. .

Data entry work

Some software handling tasks are time-consuming and have low added value, such as accounting entry, recording timesheets, catalog updates, etc. We have a team of assistants to do this work for you.



We have been in the business since 2002. We have implemented thousands of IT projects both for very small businesses and for factories with 15,000 employees. Take advantage of our expertise to improve your digital organization and learn about best practices in IT management.

Why working with Simafri

Technicians when you need them

Working with Simafri means having a flexible team of technicians, developers, security experts, trainers and IT assistants according to your needs.


You can focus on your job

Working with Simafri means being able to focus on your job, the one you love and the one for which you have clients. Simafri takes care of your IT systems.

Reduce your IT costs

Working with Simafri means optimizing your IT expenses thanks to our expertise, our pooling of resources, our flexibility and our employees in 3 countries.

Freedom and independence guaranteed

Working with Simafri means having the guarantee of your freedom and independence. We deliver all the source code to you and you are the actual owner of the software and your data.

Simafri is very committed to open source software

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