Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Software in the cloud that belongs to you

Control your inventory: real-time management, automatic movements according to orders / invoices / deliveries customers and suppliers, alerts in case of out-of-stock approach with semi-automated supplier orders, batch management and expiry dates and good d other essential features. Follow with precision all your relations with your suppliers and optimize your purchases.


Features of the inventory management software

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  • Invoice and Supplier Payment Management
  • Management of quotes and supplier orders
  • Management of product variants (sizes, colors, sizes, etc.)
  • Organization by product family
  • Bulk stock transfers
  • Vendor Management by Product
  • Incoterms management
  • Statistics and business intelligence
  • Valuation of inventories (PMP method)

This inventory management software belongs to you


Screenshots of the inventory management software

Products list
Products list
Product card
Product card
Buying prices management
Buying prices management
Vendor sheet
Vendor sheet
Supplier management
Supplier management
Variant attributes
Variant attributes
Stock movement tracking
Stock movement tracking


The Dolisim interface is available in 83 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

Cases of use of the inventory management software

We manage a chain of pharmacies, and we installed in each of the pharmacies a single management software. We had a lot of trouble balancing the different warehouses and we never knew exactly what the stock was like. This has changed since we implemented the Dolisim stock management software. As all information goes back to a centralized server in the cloud, we now know in real time what each of our pharmacies have in its inventory. In a few clicks we can order transfers of stocks and thus avoid breaks.

Véronica Kowiz

Cap Pharma

We offer our customers a lot of accessories so that they can make their own clothes (DIY). Between buttons, zippers and other sewing threads, we did not know exactly which were our most popular products. Thanks to the fine management of our stocks with Dolisim, we now have dashboards and statistics that help us understand the products that are selling and optimize our purchases.

Kamila Nassad

Modbeauté by Kamila

We sell thousands of different motorcycle parts, from the sprocket to the chain, through the exhaust kits. That made us dozens of Excel files to manipulate to manage our stocks. For one of these files, we even reached the maximum number of possible lines! Not to mention that it was easy for some employees to fly because we did not really know the state of our stocks. We have opted for the Dolisim Gold Plan, and thanks to this stock management software we can now follow all our references, avoid theft and we could even put pictures of each product to better recognize them.

Paul Verat


Being an agricultural cooperative, we collect the crops of a large number of producers. To facilitate the monitoring and management of our relationships with our suppliers, we chose the Dolisim stock management software. In addition, we had an unexpected benefit: now we have more accurate data on the state of our reserves.

Matthieu Fardeur

Coopérative du nord

Frequently asked questions about the inventory management software

Can I create as many product variants as I want?

Yes, you can create as many variant types as you like, just as the number of variables for a variant is unlimited.

Is there a limit in the number of product references that can be registered?

No limit. We have customers who have several tens of thousands of different products registered in their inventory management software.

Can I import my product list?

Yes, the inventory management software provides an assisted data import feature.

How many photos or files can I attach to a product?

There is no limit on the number of photos or files that you can attach to your product listings.

Can I use a barcode handheld with your inventory management software?

Yes, all barcode handhelds that you can connect to your device will work.

Is there a limit in the number of inventories I can create in the software?

You can create as many stocks (real or virtual) as you want. Whether you have multiple warehouses, multiple outlets or want to better organize a large storage, your inventory management software will adapt to your needs.

Can you help me make the first import of my products?

Yes, our support team will be happy to help you or even import for you. To do this, simply contact us via the Simafri customer area.

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