Inventory management software

Inventory Management Software

Cloud software that you own

Control your stocks: real-time management, automatic movements based on orders / invoices / deliveries to customers and suppliers, alerts in the event of a stock-out approach with semi-automated supplier orders, management of batches and expiry dates and much more ‘other essential features. Accurately follow all your relationships with your suppliers and optimize your purchases.


Inventory management software features

Everything you need to manage your stocks

Real-time inventory reports

Know at any time the status of your stocks, which are automatically updated

Avoid stockouts

Set a minimum stock threshold and an optimal stock, the software will warn you

Prevent theft from your stocks

By keeping your stocks up to date with Dolisim, it becomes easier for you to detect anomalies

Multiple inventory management

Manage as many physical and virtual stocks as you want

Supplier relationship management

Track your relationships with your suppliers: purchase prices, orders, deliveries, etc.

Management of batches and serial numbers

Track the products you sell and the lots you order with our stock software

Management of expiration dates

Efficiently rotate your stocks and avoid having expired products


Barcode and QR code management

Support for a large number of barcode formats including EAN13 and QR codes

And many more features ...

This Inventory Management software belongs to you

And that changes everything

Guarantee of independence and sustainability

Independence and sustainability

You can recover your inventory management software, files and data at any time.

Guarantee of security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality

You can be sure that your data stays in your inventory management software.

Guarantee of scalability and interoperability

Scalability and interoperability

You decide on developments and in which direction your stock management software should go.

A tool as important as the software that runs your business should be yours ...

Interface preview

Dolisim is available in ...


Dolisim’s interface is available in 83 languages including French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

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Frequently asked Questions

Oui, vous pouvez créer autant de type de variantes que vous souhaitez, tout comme le nombre de variables pour une variante est illimité.

No limit. We have customers who have tens of thousands of different products registered in their inventory management software.

Yes, the inventory management software offers an assisted data import functionality.

Yes, our support team will be happy to help or even do the import for you. To do this, simply contact us via the Simafri customer area.

Yes, all barcode scanners that you can connect to your terminal will work.

You can create as many stocks (real or virtual) as you want. Whether it is because you have several warehouses, several points of sale or you want to better organize a large storage, your stock management software will adapt to your needs.

There is no limit on the number of photos or files you can attach to your listings.

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