Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software

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Our billing software will allow you to quickly issue business invoices, as well as any other commercial document. You will be able to easily track payments from your customers, and never forget a recovery. Many other features are also available to make your life easier: automatic invoices, product catalog, multi-currency, Paypal integration, etc.


Features of the billing software

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  • Complies with the VAT anti-fraud law
  • Catalog of products and services
  • Catalog management by category
  • Multiple price management
  • Margin calculation
  • Sending invoices from the software
  • Create your invoices from quotes
  • Product / service creation on the fly
  • Automatic link with accounting
  • Automatic link with stocks
  • Discount Management
  • Paypal integration
  • Paybox integration
  • Stripe integration
  • Import and export of data

This billing software belongs to you


Screenshots of the billing software

Quote sheet
Quote sheet
Invoice sheet
Invoice sheet
Payment tracking
Payment tracking
Product sheet
Product sheet
Recurring invoice
Recurring invoice
VAT management
VAT management
Tracking unpaid invoices
Tracking unpaid invoices
Business intelligence
Business intelligence


The Dolisim interface is available in 83 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

Use cases of the billing software

We are a computer repair company, and we receive a lot of requests for quotes. Before Dolisim, we used Excel file templates. It was really laborious and time consuming to edit the quotes one by one. Today in a few clicks, we can send our quotes directly from the billing software. Our customers receive our commercial offers in just a few minutes, it's fast and professional.

Henri Loireau

Top depan 75

Before migrating to the Dolisim billing software, we used another well-known software that installs on a PC. It took us a long time to send the invoices we prepared for our clients to our accounting firm, and it often happened that we forgot some of them in emails. Today, we use Dolisim and we have given access to the list of our invoices (and only that) to our accounting firm. Result: we no longer need to export all invoices and send them by email, our accountant will directly take them himself! Which saves time, but also a security against the errors, especially during the high season.

Michael Dautun

Eco Indes Tour

We supply GMS in spices that we import from Sri Lanka, and the payment terms in this sector are very long (sometimes 3 months after delivery ...). In addition, we work with more than a hundred supermarkets in the west of France, who can order almost every week. We had trouble keeping track of unpaid bills. Thanks to the Dolibarr billing software with the Dolisim service, we have at all times a perfect view of the invoices of which there is still a payment to recover, our collection has become really simple and especially foolproof! Thank you.

Geneviève Doolun

Sripices Sarl

Why we chose the Dolisim billing software? For its functionality of automatic recurring bills first, for its ease of use, for its very competitive cost and also because I am the owner of the software! In addition to the products we sell in stores, we offer services from now on site, with long-term contracts. The system of automatic generation of invoices avoids us to follow the deadlines by hand ...

Younousse Kamal

Multi services

Frequently Asked Questions about Billing Software

Can I use the currency I want?

Yes, you can choose from all the currencies of the world. You can even create your own custom currency.

Can I use multiple currencies?

Yes, you can use multiple currencies with the Multi Currency feature included.

My company is not based in France, am I obliged to activate the VAT anti-fraud protection?

VAT fraud protection is an option that we activate for customers who request it. If you do not want this option, then it will not be activated.

Am I limited in number of bills?

You can issue as many invoices as you want, it's unlimited.

Can I customize the invoice template?

The invoice template is automatically customized based on your company information and includes your logo. We can also integrate a 100% customized model for your invoices and other commercial documents (service charged extra).

What barcode formats does your billing software support?

Our billing software supports the following barcode formats: C128, C39, Datamatrix, EAN13, EAN8, ISBN, QR code and UPC.

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