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Easy Email Pro
Marie is the manager of a beautiful company “White Mirroir”. However, neither she nor her collaborators have professional email addresses. They all use addresses like marie.whitemirroir @gmail.com, whitemirroir.compta @yahoo. fr or contactwhitemirroir @outlook.com.
These email addresses damage the credibility of his business. In addition, Marie has no control over the addresses that her collaborators create for their position. There are also third-party services that require a professional email address to register … It’s decided, Marie wants professional email addresses @whitemirroir.com
Marie is therefore inquiring about professional business messaging services. The offers he is offered are complex and very expensive. She and her employees must in fact learn to use new software and pay a monthly payment of several euros per month per user…
Marie then discovers “Easy Emails Pro” by Simafri, an offer that allows her to have professional email addresses for her business while continuing to use services she already knows like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, all for one. minimum cost.
Marie independently manages her park of professional email addresses @whitemirroir.com, which are centralized in the Simafri Manager. And all you have to do is connect these professional addresses to the Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook services that she and her collaborators already use!
Marie and her collaborators thus benefit from a solution which combines the advantages of professional email addresses with the proven ergonomics, functionalities, security and mobility of popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook


Easy Email Pro avec Gmail
Easy Email Pro avec Yahoo
Easy Email Pro avec Outlook

Easy Email Pro Pricing


Easy Emails Pro S

99 / month
  • .COM domain name offered for life
  • 10 professional email addresses
  • Gmail compatible
  • Yahoo compatible
  • Outlook compatible
  • Standard support

Easy Emails Pro L

99 / mois
  • .COM domain name offered for life
  • Unlimited professional email addresses
  • Gmail compatible
  • Yahoo compatible
  • Outlook compatible
  • Priority support

Frequently asked Questions

Your correspondents will not see that you are using Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. They will only see your work email address.

Yes, you will be able to receive and send your personal and professional emails from a single Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account. This is also one of the great advantages of this solution, you will not have to use several email boxes.

Yes, you will be able to use all the features of Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook without any restrictions.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with your login codes and a step-by-step guide to creating and linking your business email addresses with your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook accounts. Please note that our customer support is at your disposal to assist you in this procedure, and if you wish, we can even do it for you.

We guarantee that our offer is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. However, it can also be compatible with other services. Please consult us before ordering in this case please.

Yes of course. You just need to do a quick configuration for your domain name and you can use the Easy Emails Pro service with it.

Yes, you will be able to use mobile apps from Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook without any restrictions.

As long as your subscription to the Easy Emails Pro offer is valid, you will never have to pay for your domain name (if it is a .COM).

An email account is a service for hosting your emails on a server. A forwarder is an address that redirects your emails to another account. The Easy Emails Pro offer provides you with forwarders, your emails will be hosted by Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

We provide a POP and SMTP server. However, you will only need the SMTP server in order to be able to send your emails. Note that you do not need to know what POP and SMTP servers are to be able to use Easy Emails Pro.

Yes, you can very well use an email client like Outlook Desktop or Thunderbird, although this is not the easiest way to manage your emails.

You can choose from a wide variety of extensions for your domain name. However we only offer .COM domains. If you want another extension, you will need to purchase the domain as an extra. In addition, some extensions require special conditions to be able to buy them, you must find out before.

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