Rental management software

Rental Management Software

Cloud software that you own

The Dolisim rental management module will allow you to efficiently manage all of your real estate, their rental and their tenant. Let the software send receipts and reminders for you, and have seamless payment tracking. You will also have assistance for your inventory and the editing of lease contracts. Archive all documents related to your rentals (photos, tenant payslips, insurance, etc.) in an electronic safe. And many other features … This module is perfectly suited for ICS.


Features of the Rental Management software

Everything you need to manage your tenants and rental property

Unlimited goods & tenants

Manage as many properties and tenants as you want, everything is unlimited

Automatic edition of receipts

The software automatically issues and sends receipts to tenants

Assistance with the inventory

Dolisim automatically generates the inventory sheets that you just have to check

Managing photos of a property

Save photos of your real estate, convenient for announcements and inventories

Customizable fields

Dolisim is flexible and allows you to customize the files of your property according to your needs


Automatic reminder of unpaid bills

Save time by letting Dolisim follow up with tenants who have not yet paid their rent

Rent revision index

Dolisim manages the Rent Revision Indices (IRL) for the adjustment of rental prices

EDM and digital safe

Attach photos, contracts, insurance and other documents to the files of your property and tenants

And many more features ...

This rental management software belongs to you

And that changes everything

Guarantee of independence and sustainability

Independence and sustainability

You can retrieve your rental management software, files and data at any time.

Guarantee of security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality

You can be sure that your data remains in your rental management software.

Guarantee of scalability and interoperability

Scalability and interoperability

You decide on developments and in which direction your rental management software should go.

A tool as important as the software that runs your business should be yours ...

Interface preview

Dolisim is available in ...


Dolisim’s interface is available in 83 languages including French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

What our clients are saying

My husband and I now own a comfortable property portfolio of 6 houses and 2 apartments. Before Dolisim, we did everything by hand: editing lease contracts, editing invoices and receipts, monitoring rent payments, etc. This was becoming extremely tedious, especially when it came to keeping up with rent reviews. In fact, we did not renew the rents some times because we forgot to do so … And so we lost a considerable amount of money. With Dolisim, everything is much easier today, in addition we have benefited from a promotional offer on the subscription. I can only congratulate.

France Wozki

Real estate agency for more than 20 years, we sell all types of real estate, but we also offer our clients to manage their goods (especially for those who make tax exemption). And that’s where we chose Dolisim for its ease of use and the ability to work with several people at the same time (we are about ten employees). Since then, I have equipped each of my employees with a laptop or tablet as well as a roaming Internet package. As a result, anyone can work remotely, which is handy since we spend most of our time in the field. Should I also mention the attractive price? It’s simple, we couldn’t find cheaper.

Simone Marga
Real estate agent

With more than 500 students residing in our city, having reliable rental management software is essential in our profession. Before Dolisim, of course, we already had software, but we needed essential customization (management of contributions for the Internet connection), and despite all our reminders, the former publisher was unable to meet our needs. Worse yet, when we wanted to find our own developer to do the job, this is where we learn that we cannot access the source code !! Dolisim got us out of this bad patch. Already their customer service has shown enormous patience to migrate our data, then their technicians have developed the customization that we were so waiting for. Dolisim gives us ownership of the software code, which is now an essential criterion for us.

Patel Rajdamal
Residence manager

Real estate is not our business, we are a distributor of automobile brands in France. However, we have several properties, including two buildings for a total of 67 rental apartments. The idea of forming a dedicated team to manage our tenants was not possible, it was absolutely necessary that the administrative team (and in particular an accountant) be able to do it. We were already a Dolisim customer, we mainly used the CRM and accounting modules and when we learned that they also offered a module for rental management, we jumped on it. Especially since we didn’t have to pay anything more, since this module is included as standard in all their plans. True to their quality of work and service, the software is simple and functional, although not very aesthetic. We are very satisfied with it.

Eric Rajanoala
General manager

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This rental management software is included in all Dolisim plans

Frequently asked Questions

Am I limited in real estate, bills or tenants?

Everything is unlimited: you can manage as many properties, issue as many invoices and insert as many tenants as you want. You can also add as many collaborators as needed.

With the same software that manages my rentals, can I also manage other aspects of my business (invoices, inventory, etc.)?

Yes, you will have access to all the other features of Dolisim.

Can we work with several people at the same time on your software?

Yes, you can work with several people simultaneously on Dolisim.

I manage fairly unique properties, can the software adapt?

Dolisim Rental Management is a very flexible module and its configuration will allow you to customize your property files. In addition, if your needs are really specific, know that our team can make tailor-made developments.

Does this module communicate with Dolisim accounting management?

Yes, Dolisim is a real ERP and all of its functionalities communicate with each other.

Do we have a long term commitment with you? What happens if we cancel?

There is no time commitment, you can cancel whenever you want. And if so, you will be able to recover not only your data, but the entire software as well. You are truly free.

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