Accounting software

Accounting software

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Our accounting software is compatible with all charts of accounts and other legislative adjustments depending on your country and industry. The actions in the software (creating an invoice, recording a payment, etc.) automatically create the corresponding accounting entries, thus saving you a lot of time and avoiding data entry errors. In addition, many statistics and accounting reports are accessible with a few clicks and you can always export your data in many formats if you wish.


Accounting software features

Everything you need to manage your accounting

Automatic accounting entries

Invoices, payments, credit notes, etc. automatically create the corresponding entries


Management of VAT and other taxes

Dolisim includes advanced management of VAT and other taxes and special charges

Customizable chart of accounts

Whether you are in France, Belgium or any other country, your chart of accounts can be integrated

Ledger monitoring

The General Ledger is updated automatically and you can also export it

Linking products to accounts

Automatically link customer invoices to the correct accounting accounts produced

Imports of accounting entries

Import your existing accounting entries using the import wizard

Many export formats

Export in a few clicks and in many formats your accounting data

Dashboards and statistics

Access dashboards and statistics on your sales and expenses

And many more features ...

This accounting software belongs to you

And that changes everything

Guarantee of independence and sustainability

Independence and sustainability

You can recover your accounting software, files and data at any time.

Guarantee of security and confidentiality

Security and confidentiality

You can be sure that your data stays in your accounting software.

Guarantee of scalability and interoperability

Scalability and interoperability

You decide on developments and in which direction your accounting software should go.

A tool as important as the software that runs your business should be yours ...

Interface preview

Dolisim is available in ...


Dolisim’s interface is available in 83 languages including French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Czech, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Vietnamese, etc.

What our clients are saying

One of the things that I like most about Dolisim is that I can know my turnover at any time and without doing any Excel export or manipulation. I can even group this turnover by customers, by salespeople, by products / services. This really gives an excellent visibility of the company’s cash flow, and it is the sinews of war when you are a business manager! There are plenty of other statistics and reports available for consultation, such as the result that can also be output in personalized groups.

Simon Fabrice

We do accounting outsourcing for French companies. We systematically recommend the use of Dolisim to our customers because it allows for rigorous and easy accounting. In addition, our customers do not have to send us anything by email, we can consult their customer invoices directly. We export accounting data to establish their financial statements, that’s perfect.

Gérard Lancat

Before, I had to make all the entries in the General Ledger myself as I received the accounting documents. What a waste of time! With Dolisim, when an employee creates an invoice, all the entries are made automatically! I save precious time and we no longer make typing errors.

Alain Granvasky
Administrative and financial director

An investment fund recently agreed to finance our growth! But one of their condition is that we have to use rigorous accounting software so that they can keep track of our financial data. It’s done with Dolisim!

Magalie Fraise

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Frequently asked Questions

In what formats can I export my accounting data?

You can export your accounting data in CSV, CEGID accounting expert, Sage Coala, Sage BOP 50, Sage Ciel Compta, Sage Compta Evolution, Quadratus QuadraCompta, EBP, Cogilog, Agiris and FEC formats.

Does Dolisim comply with the VAT anti-fraud law?

Yes, there is a system guaranteeing the inalterability of data in our accounting software. We are fully compliant with the VAT anti-fraud law and we can issue certificates of conformity on request.

Our chart of accounts is not standard, can you still implement it?

Yes we can implement any chart of accounts, even if it is unique.

Can I also automatically link supplier invoices?

Yes, whether they are customer or supplier invoices, you can link them automatically with the correct accounting accounts.

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