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Benefits of our VPS

Dedicated resources

All the resources of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) are exclusively reserved for you. RAM memory, CPU computing power, dedicated IP, bandwidth. It is your machine and only your applications are hosted there. This means that your websites will be displayed faster, that your company messaging system will have a better deliverability rate, that your software will always have the necessary resources to be fully functional. Your services will never be impacted by the activity of other customers. In addition, with our VPS, it is very easy to increase resources in a few minutes and without any service interruption. Ideal to support the growth of your activity!

Highly resilient

Unlike dedicated servers, our VPSs work not on a single machine, but on multiple computing and storage “units” in the Cloud. Our VPS are much less tied to hardware. For example, if a component of a dedicated server would fail, it would imply a longer or shorter downtime to replace this part physically, while with our VPS we can easily “switch” the virtual machine to another set. units, without any interruption of service. Add to this that our data centers have ISO 27001 security certification. This makes our VPSs extremely reliable and highly available.

Custom configuration

On shared hosting, it is not always possible to adjust the configuration according to your needs, while on our VPS, as you are the only master on board, we can adapt it perfectly to your use. For example, on shared hosting, the number of emails you can send per hour is always limited. If your email usage is important or if you want to send mailings, then our VPSs are the ideal solution because we can remove all limitations. Need a specific module? Need software installed on your VPS? All configurations are possible with our VPS.

Backups and restores

Backups and restores are much faster on our VPS. The host operating system takes care of everything while minimizing the impact on your VPS resources. Thus we are able to make complete copies of your machine and of course the data stored there in a few minutes and without size limit. In addition, if necessary, we can restore a complete system in 20 minutes. Our VPS are fully backed up every 6 hours, i.e. 4 times a day, with a retention period ranging from 7 to 14 days depending on the option you have chosen. All of our backup and restore operations are free.

Management by Simafri

Entrust the management of your VPS to Simafri. Our IT engineers based in UK, France and Czech Republic are experts in server administration and Plesk maintenance. We will do all the installation, updates, monitoring, optimization and security operations for your server. You will never need to type a single Linux command line, and root access is only available to our technicians, for security reasons and because you will not need it. We are even able to detect suspicious activity and intervene on your services to protect them. And we go even further by supporting you in setting up and running your applications if you wish. You have a team of expert IT specialists so that your services are always fully secure, functional and optimized.

Use cases

Our managed VPSs perfectly meet the following needs:

Pure players

E-commerce activities and high-audience websites such as ezines.

Corporate messaging

Companies whose use of email is vital to their business.

Web agencies

Web design agencies that host their clients' websites.

Web applications

Hosting of online software such as ERP, web services, mobile applications, etc.

Our offers


99  /month
  • 100% managed
  • 60 GB NVMe SSD
  • 4 vCPU
  • 1 GB Smart RAMTM
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • 1,000 GB monthly traffic
  • Plesk Web Admin included
  • UK Datacenter

The most popular


99  /month
  • 100% managed
  • 80 GB NVMe SSD
  • 8 vCPU
  • 2 GB Smart RAMTM
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • 1,500 GB monthly traffic
  • Plesk Web Admin included
  • UK Datacenter


99  /month
  • 100% managed
  • 150 GB NVMe SSD
  • 12 vCPU
  • 4 GB Smart RAMTM
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • 2,000 GB monthly traffic
  • Plesk Web Admin included
  • UK Datacenter

Need more?

You can scale your VPS by increasing resources whenever you want. For example, we can go up to 256 GB of RAM and 10 TB of NVMe SSDs. Do not hesitate to ask our customer support for your special needs.

They trust us

Our clients range from e-commerce players to government departments, communities, institutions and even airports. From VSEs to Key Accounts, their main point in common is the need to have an extremely reliable service that requires no maintenance on their part.

Detailed technical sheet

The outsourcing service

We provide a complete management and administration service for your VPS. You can focus on your activity, we take care of everything at your server level, including:
  • Initial installation and configuration of the virtual machine
  • Regular maintenance, security operations and resolution of technical problems
  • Continuous re-configuration and optimization
  • Installation of additional modules and software

Proactive monitoring

Our outsourcing service includes advanced and proactive monitoring of your VPS. This 360 ° monitoring covers all the components of your machine such as public and private network connectivity, power, the physical environment (temperature, humidity, fire, intrusion, etc.) and the proper use of your VPS resources. Our engineers monitor and respond to alerts 24/7 without your needing to ask us. Our monitoring is made up of several layers:
  • Plesk Watchdog application is preinstalled to monitor, notify and restart interrupted services (Apache, MySQL, etc.)
  • An advanced system developed in-house to monitor critical web services and notify the technical team 24/7
  • A tailor-made control system verifies the integrity of your applications, compliance with security rules and our quality standards
  • We also have an off-site network and infrastructure monitoring tool that alerts our technicians in the event of an anomaly.

Security updates for your Managed VPS

We do regular security updates to your VPS operating system and pre-installed software in accordance with the level of service you have chosen. For example, we guarantee the installation of critical updates between 1 and 7 days (in practice, we perform these updates much faster, as soon as our team of technicians have carried out the quality and non-regression checks). We deploy critical Linux kernel updates within hours to make sure your Managed VPS is protected, and without the need to reboot your machine, so with no downtime.

Advanced backup technology

Our automatic backup servers quickly and reliably copy your managed VPS without requiring human intervention and are constantly monitored by our comprehensive monitoring system. We’ve created an extremely lightweight backup procedure with the goal of having as little impact as possible on your managed VPS load, you will never notice it. This allowed us to configure automatic backups as frequently as every 6 hours (every hour as an option), without any consequence on the performance of your machine. In addition, we are able to make backups of your running MySQL or PostgreSQL databases almost instantly as the backup agent can lock, copy and unlock tables in milliseconds.

Frequency and retention of backups

Automatic backups of your managed VPS are performed every 6 hours (and optionally it is possible to increase this frequency every hour). The retention period for these backups varies from 7 to 14 days depending on the option you choose. This makes between 28 and 336 restore points available.

Backup storage

All backups of your managed VPS are stored in our specially dedicated network which is completely isolated from customer services and is located in a location geographically remote from production servers.

Restoring backups

We can perform full restore operations of your Managed VPS or just a few database files / tables for free, 24/7. Our technicians take care of the entire procedure to ensure the success of the operation. Usually a full restore of a managed VPS takes less than 20 minutes.

The Plesk management panel

We include one of the best web hosting management software on the market: Plesk. It is software that allows you to independently manage the websites and email accounts hosted on your managed VPS. Our IT technicians are experts in Plesk and have been working on this software for years. This in-depth experience assures you of exemplary assistance in the management of your VPS. Plesk is much more resource efficient, more secure, and more reliable than any of the other options we tested.

Plesk licenses

There are 3 Plesk licenses that allow you to host a different number of websites and have access to certain features:
  • Plesk Web Admin. This license is included for free with all our managed VPSs. You can host up to 10 different websites (10 domain names).
  • Plesk Web Pro. This license allows you to host up to 30 different domains and to have access to the configuration of the “plans” used to sell web hosting to your customers.
  • Plesk Web Host. This license allows you to host an unlimited number of domains on your managed VPS and to market packages for your web hosting resellers.

What are the accommodation limitations?

The only limitations in terms of web hosting are the resources of your managed VPS (RAM, CPU, disk space) and the Plesk license you choose. Otherwise, there is no limit: unlimited subdomains, unlimited databases, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, etc.

1-click software catalog

Your managed VPS will be equipped with a software catalog that you can install with one click. Hundreds of web applications are available like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, etc. By using this service, you will also be able to configure automatic updates for your application. In addition, advanced features are available for WordPress websites: security control, advanced caching, debugging assistance, backups, restore, cloning and site staging.

Your professional emails

Our managed VPSs include all the software needed to host your corporate email: POP, IMAP, SMTP, anti-virus and anti-spam.

In addition, the deliverability rate is exemplary and depends only on you. Indeed, your IP is dedicated, no other client is using it. She therefore does not risk being blacklisted because of an unscrupulous client.

Finally, it is possible to lift all the limitations of your corporate email: number of emails sent per hour, per account, per domain, etc. You can very well use your managed VPS to do mass mailing and send as many emails as you want.

Many of our customers have opted for Managed VPS to host their corporate messaging. It is extremely reliable and secure.

Compatible email clients

You can view and send your emails with the software of your choice: Outlook, Thunderbird, Android, iOS, etc.

We also provide you with the modern and functional Roundcube webmail. But if you wish and if you have the license, we can install any other webmail.

Technical specifications of the material

We use a wide variety of materials. Virtualization allows us to free ourselves from the constraints of the hardware. Our latest machines are equipped with:
  • CPU Intel Xeon Gold 6136 12 cores (48 virtual cores)
  • 256 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Samsung Enterprise Grade NVMe SSDs in RAID 10

The Smart RAMTM

Our Smart RAM TM technology reduces the amount of memory your Managed VPS needs. It continuously monitors the applications loaded in memory and avoids duplicate RAM allocation. Thus, your machine’s RAM requirement is reduced while preserving perfect isolation between the VPSs. On average, we estimate that you get 3 to 5 times the RAM with this deduplication. For example, a 1 GB Smart RAM TM is equivalent to 3-5 GB of regular RAM.


Our Managed VPSs are hosted in the UK’s best data centers, all of which are ISO 27001 security certified.


You can “upgrade” your managed VPS to the next higher offer at any time. The update is done in a few minutes after your payment and without any service interruption. Billing is prorated based on what you have already paid and what you need to pay for the new offer.

Additional disk space

You can add disk space to all Managed VPS offers. Our packs can offer up to 750 GB of storage, but we can go up to 10 TB on request. Do not hesitate to ask our customer support.

Additional RAM

We offer VPS offers ranging from 1 GB to 32 GB as standard. We can go up to 256 GB of RAM on request.

Additional traffic

Our Managed VPS already includes a generous amount of monthly traffic. If you reach 80% or 100% of your quota, the system will send you an automatic notification email. It is possible to increase the monthly traffic limit on request.
Managed VPS
Managed VPS

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